Kim and The Created is the brainchild of fearless performer singer-songwriter Kim House. Her unstoppable force is combined with powerhouse anchoring drummer, Patrick Glendening. The duo creates a strangely unique, earth-shattering sound that bounces off the walls, just like you'll see Kim doing herself. The never-not-moving into alien-like contortions, and with a stare that enters your soul,  she will rattle you to your bones. 

Most recently, coming off two tours with The Kills, opening for Alice Cooper & his Legendary Manager Shep Gordon, muse to famed Hedi Slimane of Yves Saint Laurent, named Vice Magazines 'New leading Lady of Punk' & V Magazines ‘Top 100 Rockstars,’ as well as multiple sold out releases on multiple media formats. 

Be sure to catch this never-before-seen-like-it band. 


'The live performance is nothing short of a full-blown exorcism.' -NOISEY

'Top 20 Punk Band in Los Angeles' -LA WEEKLY

‘1 of top 100 Stars, Rockstars, image makers, & rule breakers' -V Magazine 

‘New Leading Lady of LA Punk’ -VICE MAGAZINE

'LA's Counterculture Icon'- MAC COSMETICS

'The most dynamic of all the bands that have come from the unground scene...clad in a cat suit and thrashing around on a stage that can’t contain her mighty force. She lets it all out on stage and it’s impossible to look away.' -LA RECORD

'What Kim Fowley would have created had he been given access to Area 51, a vile of acid and a demented ballerina. She proves she's ambitious enough to turn her performance art into something blindingly inspirational.' -LA WEEKLY

'The Unstopable force behind one of Hedi Slimane's favoite LA outfits' -VICE i-D 

'If you don’t know Kim and The Created yet, you’re missing out.' -AUSTIN CITY LIMITS LIVE

'Frontwoman Kim House took to the stage like a bullet from a gun. From that first song all the way to the end, she maintained a relentless level of energy. This L.A. based punk rock band is one to watch, I'm sure of it.' -BANDSINTOWN

'The all-killer, no-filler Kim House has taken her eccentric reputation to the next level. Bending over backwards, slinking through the crowd, and switching from sweet to grunge. The only thing that will get your eyes off her (wild outfits) is her potent and directed gaze, right into your soul.” -BUZZBANDS LA